Quality System

The overall quality management system (TQM): We adopt TQM to fit the needs of customers and suppliers. With the development, of the structure and mechanism culture, TQM can reach a whole with the business environment, continuous improvement, breakthrough development, improvement and maintenance cycle.

Statistical process control (SPC): We employed SPC in our production process to eliminate the defects during production. It is a kind of monitoring theory in production process. By using data table to control the production situation and to take precautions before some predicted problems occur.

Tooling Quality Cortrol System: According to the instructional ID Control drawing of tooling engineer, and making use of the tooling quality control system, quality control staff measures the inserts and electrodes. This guarantees the dimensions of the mould correspond with customer’s requirement before mold testing.

ISO 9001: With the acquisition of ISO9001. We fulfilled the customer’s expectations in quality, safety, reliability, efficiency and interchangeability. It also vastly improves the effectiveness in production.

7S Theory: 7S is based on the 5S theory, where 5S is originated from Japan. We added two more concepts: Safety and Save, to the original five: Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain to make it seven. We believe only a safety working environment can ensure the safe of workers, smoothness of production process and efficiency of production.

Erowa system: The system is an overall aligning Clamping system. All machines in the factory are equipped with system fixture. Once the work-piece aligned with the fixture, it does not require any more alignment when it moves to another machine for further processing. Since 2000, this system was adopted in SH; it increased precision in processing work and shortened the lead-time as well.

The tooling division was established in 1994. 1998 was awarded ISO9001 certification and IATF16949 Certification in 2008.

As well as to develop the diversity of our products, we purchase advance equipment is constantly; such as six-axis laser processing centre to match the precision product.